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March 14, 2011
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The light breeze tickled her mane, while she watched what could be her last sunset, what could be the the last sunset for all of Equestria. The gray pegasus sat atop a hill, eating her favourite muffin, raisin. Yes, this was a good day to die. Years of planning, of dedication, of back breaking labour, years, sacrificed in the name of freedom, liberty and justice. It all came down to this day. The day that Princess Celestia, Tyrant, would be assassinated. She took one last bite before setting off.

Everyone knew of Celestia's corruption but anyone who ever mentioned it publicly was sent off to the work fields in Trottingham, usually never to return. Those who did return... changed. They didn't speak to friends or family, they worked. They worked and toiled until their hooves were bloody and torn, and then they worked some more. What they did in Trottingham, it was unnatural. But none of that would matter, if she accomplished her mission tonight.

There had been assassination attempts before, gunshots in the night, houses lit on fire, road side bombs that killed more civilians than guards. There was a families worth of dead food testers. All too obvious, they had no creativity their plans were seen from a mile away and intercepted. That's where Delaware came in. She was... unorthodox, and had never harmed a pony before, but this was no pony. This was a monster.

She was under cover as a delivery company employee, carrying a box of books in to one of the library wings above the throne room. After dropping it off at the desk, she went in to the bathroom. From there, she entered the ventilation system, her wings rustling up the dust as she crawled, it pained her not to sneeze. The team from two months ago, Luna bless them, gave up everything just to get this anvil up here, it wasn't easy. The noise involved called for a... distraction. An open assault on the castle was launched, dozens of rebels died. Just for this block of iron. "This had better be worth it..."

She was right to question her motives, she worked for a pony who lived only in legends. Luna, goddess of the moon, was to be freed from her imprisonment some time in the next five years. Would she be any better than her sister? Delaware didn't care. Not after what that cretin had done to her husband. All he had done was ask why the school roof hadn't been fixed even though they'd paid extra taxes to fix it for years. They took him away in the night. This may not be the logical course of action, it may not be the right thing to do, hell it probably wasn't even going to work. But it was all she could, and wanted, to do.

Peering through small slits in the vent, she looked upon Celestia and her guards. She checked her watch, two minutes. Her sweat was forming a pool beneath her, she dared not adjust her position. Position was everything. The guards should be changing any second now... this was it. The anvil dropped, perfectly on target, it headed straight for the beasts head. Impact. Her heart was filled to the brim with joy, if only momentarily, she'd succeeded and what was to follow would be of no concern of hers, she welcomed death.

It was foolish of her, in hind-sight, to think she could kill a thousand year old goddess with an anvil. She didn't regret trying. It stirred up the guard and caused quite the commotion in Canterlot. Perhaps, with time, more would rise against the throne. Now, she sat on a bus to Trottingham, hooves shackled, eyes bruised and body beaten. Nobody spoke, they'd learned that much already. The bus jolted to a stop, shoving it's cargo violently forward. These "ponies" will do anything to torment a traitor, no matter how petty.

Needles, prongs, tubes, scalpels. Before, these were just words. The doctors were not careless. They took great pride in their work, they were precise and efficient. They didn't want to cause harm to anyone, this was all for the greater good of pony-kind! No sense wasting a perfectly good test subject, after all. They poked at her, they pried her open, they cut and sawed off parts only to reattach them later. But she didn't feel it, she saw it all happen but she didn't feel a thing, those drugs they gave her were potent.

She was at the head of her re-education class, a model student as it were. The stitches across her head had healed quite nicely, she could be reintegrated soon. Her eyes had difficulty readjusting however, and she often forgot her name. But those were minor problems for Derpy. She was so happy to be able to work for Celestia after her horrible accident. Celestia, in her immeasurable glory and mercy, had personally saved this poor pegasus, who in her absent-minded way had wandered into traffic. "At this rate" her teacher proclaimed "you'll be back to Ponyville in no time!" Ponyville? She'd forgotten where she was from, she'd forgotten so many things, but she was alive and that was all that mattered. She couldn't wait to get back to her old job as a mail pony!
My submission for a pony event. Derpy origin story.
May contain traces of grimdarkyness, title by EbonMane
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dropping anvils on cartoon characters never killed them ...
Twilight sparkle is the prove

> .> bad bad research
In my defense this was written for an event where we wrote a story about a piece of fan art.
The fan art I choose was this [link]
Besides, it didn't kill her anyway
I saw :p i meant derpys research maybe she was a bit derpy all the time ^-^
Oh I love to hate Celestia. I so do. Such rage against her.

Tyrant Celestia stories are always entertaining.
Oh, and for a title suggestion: Head Trauma

Nice little double meaning.
Honestly, Derpy-by-lobotomy is my favourite Derpy origin. No tragedy, no mean fillies at school and the possibility for vengeance. It's an excellent use of Tyrant Celestia's regime, too. That said, killing Celestia at night and dooming Equestria to 5 years of no sun (famine and freezing) was a pretty bad plan even if it had succeeded.
You forgot Princess Luna. I bet she can raise the sun too. Afterall, Princess Celestia managed to control both night and day for a thousand of years.
I didn't forget her. Remember, Delaware said that Luna wouldn't be released for 5 years.
Well I tried to point out that all Delaware wanted was revenge for the loss of her husband, the first line indicates she knows the sun may never rise again if she is successful and
"This may not be the logical course of action, it may not be the right thing to do, hell it probably wasn't even going to work."
in this part i tried to show that she was unsure of her own evil(good?) scheme. I am sorry if it was unclear, that is probably due to my own poor writing. (still new to this)

So yes, it was a bad plan. But it was the only one she had.
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