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"Don't try to talk me out of it, Bon-Bon, I'm going and that's that!" the pink pony flung herself into her friends arms. She let her drop, choosing instead to use her hooves to feign worry. "But Pinkie, it's dangerous in the Everfree Forest! You can't do this!" Pinkie hopped up "I have to do it Bon-Bon, there's no other way! The shop needs those ingredients!" A considerable sized crowd had gathered, just as Pinkie planned. She pressed on "Without the gum-gum drops how will we make our delicious gum-gum muffins?! Halloween is right around the corner!" she began to push through the crowd, towards her home in Sugarcube Corner. Bon-Bon slipped out of sight as the crowd dispersed itself.
Pinkie Pie was packing all the essentials, streamers, whistles, hats of all sizes. She'd have to travel light and could only afford to bring the bare minimum. She heard a knock on the door and went to open it. Bon-Bon barged through the door while it was half-open, as she often did. "Honestly, I'll never un
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It felt good. The sun warmed water rushing between his webbed feet, the crisp breeze that brushed his scales when he poked his head above the waterline. It was the perfect day to be an alligator. He could feel it, he'd catch his first fish today. His father had been teaching him the techniques for a few weeks now, but every time he tried to put them in to practice he'd tense up and either strike too soon or forget to open his mouth before propelling himself towards them.
Not today though, no more disappointed stares from the rest of his family. Today he'd help put food on the rock. Someday he could find his own mate and have a child of his own to teach. But for now, he concentrated on the bright silver fish that was slowly approaching him. He lay completely still, eyes unblinking and fought back the urge to snap. The fish teased him, swimming ever closer only to dash away and then slowly swim back. Slowly and surely, though, the fish was approaching.
His mother and father swam about ca
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Threads of Gold
The process was long and taxing on the body, but it had to be done. If there was one thing Rarity had learned from being a designer it was that it was sometimes necessary to forfeit your own comforts for the benefit of the customer. Be it an awful design they request or a difficult material to gather. She looked to her clock, she did not have much time to spare but with the Cutie Mark Crusaders gone for the night she would at least be able to get some work done. That Sweetie Belle, even in her absence she managed to slow Rarity's work. She knew better than to use Rarity's good silks! Rarity put a closed sign on her shop door, she did not intend to be disturbed during her ritual. She opened the door to the basement and kicked down a laundry basket. She packed a box full of apples and any sweets she had laying around the house and put it on her back.
She walked down the steps with purpose, stepping over any pieces of cloth left on the stairs. There was no time to clean them now. She arri
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Tale of the April Fool
The moon cast a faint glow across the trees in Sweet Apple Acres. Granny Smith closed the curtains in the living room and headed back to her seat. Applejack and Big Macintosh were away in Canterlot on Apple business and Granny Smith was watching Applebloom and her friends, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. The cutie mark crusaders were staying the night at Applebloom's house and having managed to tire themselves out crusading the day away, had finally settled down, much to Granny Smith`s delight.
They huddled together in the living room, behind a couch fortified with pillow walls, Granny Smith sat soggy-eyed across the room in her chair. They sat in a triangle, facing each other, a lone lantern providing light for their night. They spoke of their schoolwork and joked about the teacher, every few minutes one would poke her head out from the pillows and check to see if Granny Smith was still awake. When at last they heard snores, they sealed off their fortress for the night.
Applebloom spoke
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I'm Gumming
The white bunny cleared his throat for an audience that wasn't there. He began to tap his feet but quickly stopped, not wanting to appear too nervous. He was standing alone on a hill overlooking the river bordering Ponyville, a small box of chocolates in hand. Luna's work was exceptionally splendid tonight, he thought, looking at the stars. The sky was a deep, clear blue, sprinkled with white stars and topped off with a magnificently bright moon. Almost as if she knew he'd planned a date tonight. He always loved coming here with Fluttershy, although he made sure she didn't know that. There were no birds singing or squirrels gathering nuts, just a quiet stream and its few amphibious denizens, who didn't mind Angel's company. Stretching his neck upwards, Angel began to pull at the bow-tie Fluttershy had helped him put on.
"Now stop fussing, Angel Bunny, you want to look good for your very first date don't you?" her voice echoed through his head and he stopped his fidgeting. The scene was
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Lingering Hatreds
Luna's return was celebrated. For an entire evening she was praised, more than all her time as ruler. One thousand years of solitude, of being lost in your own maddening thoughts, of unrequited hate. All to be healed in one night? It wasn't and likely never would be. She had been undone, overpowered and every smiling face mocked her. Through gritted teeth she thanked everyone for their kindness. Contempt massaged her sore shoulders and hatred poured schemes in to her mind. Stripped of her power however, she could never stand against her sister. Even in her prime, when it seemed all the odds were stacked behind her, propelling her forward, she had failed. No, she will never again try something so foolish.
Instead, she took to her new existence as best she could. She seemed to be adjusting well at first, she ate with Celestia in the dining hall, she brought up the moon at night, she slept through the days and she spent what time was left reading in the royal libraries. Under the surface
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Last Stand
There was a time, or so it's told
When our kind roamed the lands
when ponies and their hardened hooves
had not stepped upon our sands
A time of peace, tranquility
or so the songs were sung
a time when food was plentiful
and we frolicked in the sun
When fields of green
far stretched and warm
fought back the bright blue day
when no one knew of misery,
despair or dismay
But those times are gone
forever lost
so here we stand to fight
with tooth and nail
we bite and bark
shadowed by the night
The elders sing
the women cry
the men say not a word
we all knew what was coming now
although it seemed absurd
To give up life
or what was left
in times as hard as these
to lose our love and family
forever to these beasts
Why we fought
we did not know
defeat had been assured
we scratched and spit
and held our own
we're soon to be interred
Perhaps some day
the time will come
when again we roam the fields
when pony kind and sprite alike
welcome life, ideal
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Mature content
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Head Trauma
The light breeze tickled her mane, while she watched what could be her last sunset, what could be the the last sunset for all of Equestria. The gray pegasus sat atop a hill, eating her favourite muffin, raisin. Yes, this was a good day to die. Years of planning, of dedication, of back breaking labour, years, sacrificed in the name of freedom, liberty and justice. It all came down to this day. The day that Princess Celestia, Tyrant, would be assassinated. She took one last bite before setting off.
Everyone knew of Celestia's corruption but anyone who ever mentioned it publicly was sent off to the work fields in Trottingham, usually never to return. Those who did return... changed. They didn't speak to friends or family, they worked. They worked and toiled until their hooves were bloody and torn, and then they worked some more. What they did in Trottingham, it was unnatural. But none of that would matter, if she accomplished her mission tonight.
There had been assassination attempts befo
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Growing Pains
The day drew to a close in Fillydelphia, Equestria's bustling industrial city. Scattered winds blew newspapers across the empty streets. Families sat around tables eating their dinners, conversing about their days at work and school. Voices could be heard rising in one apartment, as was often the case.
The yellow pegasus always hated when her father got like this. He'd start drinking as soon as he got home and before dinner was ready, he'd start yelling. Always yelling. Had she done something wrong? Was he mad she wasn't a good flyer? He'd tried to teach her and she always tried to please her father. She remembered a time when her mother would stand up for herself, before he had gotten violent. Back then, they would both yell. She sat at the table, silent, it didn't stop him from shouting though. She sat, listened and prayed he would tire himself, as he often did, before he got physical. She was still sore from last night.
Her mother sat beside her, looking down at Fluttershy with unwa
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Road Apples
Rays of orange, red and yellow splashed across the fields, painting them with a golden light. The trees at Sweet Apple Acres looked beautiful; it was a time of day Big Macintosh cherished. The moon would come up any moment, a sign for Big Mac to go to bed. Looking upon the dance of the goddesses, the shift from day to night, he sighed and clambered to his feet. It was Thursday so he didn't bother to wait for his sister to come home.
In the heart of Ponyville, empty carts littered the streets all around as house lights flickered out one by one. The day was coming to a close and all of the ponies in Ponyville we're closing shop and making their ways home. Well, almost all of the ponies. For one orange filly, the day may be done but there was still much to do. Her business tonight was a secret, a secret she'd spent all her life hiding. The orange pony dashed from shrub to house, shrouded by shadow, she made certain nopony could see her. She skulked about the small town, finally arriving a
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